How to Stick with Your Physical Therapy Homework

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If you have incurred injuries, physical therapy is important to help you recover. Regardless of the reason you want this type of therapy, the professional will come up with a plan to help you overcome the pain. Apart from the appointments you get, the plan will also include home-based exercises that you must follow every day. The homework is part of your progress, and this means it is crucial for you to commit. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of patients maintain the therapy. We understand there are many things that can get in the way, but making your health and recovery a priority is crucial to get the best results. If you are finding it hard to stick to the plan, here are a few tricks to help you.

Have Goals

Just like anything else in life, it is vital to have goals when doing therapy. The good thing about having goals is that you maintain your vision and get motivation. However, you need to be specific on the goals to be able to measure your progress. Make small and attainable goals to help you achieve the bigger ones. Having a clear goal will help you stay motivated throughout the recovery period. So, start with setting weekly goals. For instance, you can set the number of staircases you want to climb every day. Make sure you stick to that and advance with time.

Make a Routine

Many people undergoing physical therapy complain of not having enough time to exercise. However, most of these exercises take less than 20 minutes. That means it takes more finding time than having the time. If you think you don’t have enough time to exercise, try looking at your calendar. You will find blank spots you can fill with the exercises. Exercising at the same time every day will help you adapt, and it will be easier to carry on.

Make the Exercise a Priority

Your body should be a priority, and that means ensuring consistency. It means you have to look at your needs first to put this therapy at the top. This is a vital component in your life that will help create a better you. So, make the exercise a priority and get ready for amazing improvements.

Be Honest

You are doing therapy for your benefit, not anyone else’s, and your therapist will not be there every day to supervise you. The funny thing is that the specialist will know when you are not doing the exercise even when they are not around. There should be no reason to lie. Let them know you have not been doing your homework and give them a viable reason. They will figure out the things holding you back and adjust the plan to get you on the move.


Sticking to therapy at home may be a hard thing at first. However, it is easier with a plan and goals. Try using the tricks mentioned above to help you get through your physical therapy at home. Both you and your therapist can work a way out, but you need to be honest and committed.

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