Is Telehealth Effective for Post-Operative Physical Therapy?

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, people have reduced physical contact, and a lot has changed. Technology has made things easier by allowing people to do various things without having to meet one-on-one. In this case, telehealth has increased in popularity in healthcare settings. The question is whether telehealth can produce the same results with one-on-one physical therapy. According to a study carried out on physical therapy, telehealth has proved to provide effectiveness in post-operative physical therapy patients. According to this study and others, patients who underwent physical therapy through telehealth attained the same results as those who received in-person care. Furthermore, the cost of their therapy was less. Let’s look at various things that prove telehealth is an effective way of providing post-operative physical therapy.

Telemedicine is an expanding branch in the healthcare setting, and adopting it has decreased costs, improved access to care, and efficiency of resources. This is why many fields, like surgical care, have adopted telehealth. Recently, this adoption has expanded to the post-operative sector because it demonstrated excellent outcomes and boosted patient satisfaction. It has also reduced waiting time and long queues at therapists’ offices. Why is Telehealth Effective in Post-Operative Therapy?

1. Ease of Connecting with Therapists

One good thing about telehealth is that it helps connect better with the therapist after the first visit. It is now easy to access certified and experienced therapists near you. This is a very crucial thing especially if you live in a remote area where access to such a specialist is hard.

2. Individualized Care

In a telehealth session, you work with the specialist and that means they can be able to give you personalized care without being distracted. You can choose who you want to include in the session, either a friend, family member or caregiver. The ultimate goal here is to listen to you and adjust the plan based on your personal preferences.

3. Safety

When you are injured or just came from surgery, it may be possible that your home is not safe enough for you. What telehealth does is address safety issues at your home and the therapist will even recommend ways to make your home safer. This way, you can avoid further injuries from slips and falls.

4. No Commuting

Another reason why telehealth has shown to be effective in post-operative physical therapy is that it eliminates the need to commute. Think of a situation where you have a bad injury, but you have to drive for your appointment. Apart from being inconvenient, this choice can also make healing difficult. It is even worse for people without access to personal transportation. The good thing about telehealth is that you receive the services from the comfort of your home.

5. High Rates of Success

There is a high rate of success associated with telehealth. The physical therapist can adjust the treatment plan to suit your program, and in most cases, patients tend to stick to the routine even after healing. This provides a life-long benefit.


There is a high level of satisfaction among patients who have chosen telehealth physical therapy. There is a better connection, and more support with telehealth and the results show better or similar outcomes with in-person physical therapy.

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