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Whether you have progressive or relapsing MS, a well thought out physical therapy practice can slow the decline and significantly extend your health span. When we work with you, we begin with a baseline evaluation and follow up with regular evaluations to keep a close eye on what is working. Depending on the severity of your condition, we are able to help you stretch and strengthen your body to have a steadier walk, use mobility devices effectively, and even sit properly, and develop upper body strength. We might not be able to cure your MS, but we can help you remain as mobile as possible for as long as possible.

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I have so many great things to say about Tony. He is a deeply kind, caring, skilled, and dedicated therapist unlike any other my family has encountered. In the wake of covid isolation and other health issues my elderly mother had become physically weak and emotionally depleted. Tony working with my mother has done so much for her physical and emotional health it is hard to describe. We are so grateful for all of his care. He has helped my mother regain physical confidence and lifted her spirits. Tony is a truly unique therapist and I whole heartily recommend him. He will impress you.

Robert H.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy for MS

  • Slow the decline of mobility
  • Increase your sense of control of your situation
  • Make relapses less intense and less lasting
  • Develop strength and stamina in the muscles of your legs and cor
  • Regain abilities after a relapse
Physical Therapy for MS

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Multiple Sclerosis Q&A

How can a physical therapist help someone with MS?

We can help you get back to your normal activities at home, work, and in the community. We start you off with a thorough diagnostic to see what challenges we can help you overcome, then design an at home training program to restore range of motion and strength, and then re-educate you on appropriate movements to help you restore your ability to walk confidently, carry those bags from the store, or pick items off shelves.

What are the best exercises for MS patients?

  • Water aerobics 
  • Wall sits for leg strength
  • Planks for core strength
  • Hip bridges for glute and hip strength
  • Marching in place and standing on one foot for improved balance 
  • Stretching 10 minutes per day to maintain flexibility
  • Moving 2.5 hours a week is the magic number!


How can I regain mobility with MS?

Following an effective program of stretching, strengthening, and movement pattern re-education is the best way to regain your mobility and stay mobile for longer.

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