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Our in-home  and mobile physical therapy is not only more convenient than traditional office visits, it is more effective. By working in the convenience of your home, you get personal feedback on how to do exercises correctly. You also get creative ideas about how to use your existing equipment and furniture to create a routine that meets your needs. And contrary to what most people think, everyone has enough equipment laying around the house to create an effective practice. Doctorate level 1-on-1 physical therapy and coaching without the hassle of a commute.

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I have so many great things to say about Tony. He is a deeply kind, caring, skilled, and dedicated therapist unlike any other my family has encountered. In the wake of covid isolation and other health issues my elderly mother had become physically weak and emotionally depleted. Tony working with my mother has done so much for her physical and emotional health it is hard to describe. We are so grateful for all of his care. He has helped my mother regain physical confidence and lifted her spirits. Tony is a truly unique therapist and I whole heartily recommend him. He will impress you.

Robert H.

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Physical Therapy Services

We offer comprehensive physical therapy services

Athlete Recovery

We offer rehabilitation exercises, rehabilitation programs for in-between visits, and movement pattern re education to prevent future injuries. Not only will you be lifting, sprinting, and playing again sooner, but you’ll stay healthier in the long run too.

Return to Walk

After a thorough gait (walking) analysis, we’ll teach you stretching and strengthening exercises as well as gait training to help you walk confidently again without the fear of falling.

Aquatic Rehab

If you have a pool, this is a low impact way to:
  • Relearn gait patterns
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Build stronger muscles
  • Increase aerobic capacity

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Physical Therapy Conditions

Multiple Sclerosis

We can help you restore your mobility and confidence in walking. We will teach you stretching exercises to restore range of motion, strengthening exercises to feel more stable, and improve your balance and coordination with gait training. And if you are having a tough day, we can also show you how and when to use mobility aids like canes, walkers, or wheelchairs.



We can help you significantly increase your mobility and health span through regular PT and exercise. The best research out right now suggests that the symptoms of Parkinsons might be able to be reversed through exercise but they can certainly be slowed down.


Joint Replacement

Physical therapy can make a huge difference in your overall outcome as well as your pain levels from a joint replacement. By practicing a range of motion exercises and then later some gentle resistance training, you can drastically speed up recovery time. Not only that, but you’ll feel less pain. And lastly, you’ll keep scar tissue from building up - you’ll gain your full


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