Dr. Tony

Dr. Tony Kottoor PT, DPT

Founder of Guidance Physical Therapy & Wellness

Hi, I’m Dr. Tony and I provide at-home, mobile, and telehealth physical therapy in Phoenix Arizona to patients with needs ranging from Parkinson's treatment to athletic recovery! Whether I am working with elite NBA athletes, Boston Marathoners, or MS patients with heavily limited mobility - I love creating a clear timeline, in plain english to help them achieve their movement goals without anxiety. I’m passionate about my work and love teaching telehealth to members of the American Physical Therapy Association and serving as the current Arizona Physical Therapy Association's EPSIG Chair. 

If you want improved recovery, mobility, and overall health then feel free to give me a call to see how I can help. 

Associations & Certifications:

  • Arizona Physical Therapy Association
  • American Physical Therapy Telehealth Certified
  • Multiple Sclerosis Chapter of Flagstaff (2018)
  • Parkinson’s Gold Standard 
  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Member for the last 6 years. 
  • 2021 APTA Telehealth Course Certificate Series Instructor
  • Arizona Physical Therapy Association's EPSIG Director of Membership 2020-2021
  • Arizona Physical Therapy Association's EPSIG Chair 2021-Present
  • 2017-2018: Helped run meetings & lead fundraising efforts for Multiple Sclerosis Flagstaff Chapter & Support Group named "MS Made Strong" 
  • Clinical Instructor to Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
  • 2021 NAU Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Professional Development Seminar Panel Member
  • Knights of Columbus Member: 2016- present
  • LSVT BIG Parkinson's Treatment Certification

Want to know if we can help?

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