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Build a body that thrives under pressure

There’s no silver bullet for injury prevention. But you can withstand the grind of Spring Training with mobile recovery and injury prevention – wherever and whenever you need it.
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The intensity of Spring Training

Up to 50-70%

increase in daily physical activity vs off-season

4 in 10

players experience injury

Small wins to stay ready

Imagine what a 10% improvement* could do for your game?


ERA: 4.33 →  3.90

WHIP: 1.32 → 1.19 

K/9: 9.0910.0

IP: 182 → 200


AB: 455 →  500

RBI: 91100 

HR: 18 → 20

SB: 2730

*Hypothetical stat improvements. Individual results may vary.

Why Mobile?

Compete on the field, not for a table. Our mobile experts come to you with state-of-the-art equipment for in-home treatment that fits your schedule. 

  • Get a plan based on your needs and injury history
  • Make real-time adjustments based on progress
  • Complement your current training programs
  • Improve recovery and return-to-play times
  • Access over 40 cutting-edge treatment services
  • Eliminate travel costs and time

Our Top 20 Recovery Services

Scraping & IASTM

Manual Stretch


Acupuncture / 
Dry Needling

Electrical Stimulation

Heat Therapy

Cold Therapy

Vibration Technology


Joint Mobilizations


Foam Rolling

Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Mindfulness, Meditation & Deep Breathing

Oxygen Therapy and Hyperbaric Chambers

Kinesio Taping

Laser Therapy

Orthotics Consultation and Fitting

Paraffin Wax Treatment

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Our Top 20 Injury Prevention Services

Motion Analysis

Advanced Gait Analysis

Comprehensive Injury Risk Assessments

Strength and Conditioning Programs

Proprioception & Kinesthesia Program

Nutritional Counseling and Hydration

Mental and Cognitive Training

Customized Rehabilitation Programs

Functional Movement Training

Pain Management Counseling

Pre- and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Regenerative Medicine Techniques

Aquatic Therapy

Balance and Proprioception Training

Breathing Techniques and Diaphragm Training

Cardiovascular Endurance Training

Ergonomic Assessments

Agility Drills


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How it works

Step 1: Fill out the form

Share your specific recovery needs or performance goals.

Step 2: Initial consultation

Dr. Tony Kottoor will reach out to schedule a 15-minute free consultation.

Step 3: Customized treatment plan

Dr. Tony Kottoor develops a plan that targets your specific issues and goals.

Step 4: On-site service delivery

We come to your preferred location for treatment, including your residence.

Step 5: Ongoing support and adjustment

As you progress, we continually assess and adjust your treatment plan.

Step 6: Performance review and feedback

Regular check-ins to review your progress and gather feedback.

Why choose us?


Expertise: Led by Tony Kottoor, a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a Master's in Kinesiology and Sport Management


Past Clients: MLB, NBA, and NHL Pro Athletes

Accessibility: We're open 24/7 and available for immediate response.

Customized Care: Hyper-focused treatments to address your specific needs.

Convenience: We meet you where you need it, when you need it.

Your performance, our promise

  • Tailored adjustments: Performance goals shift? Your plan should, too. We'll collaborate on adjustments to keep you on track.
  • Satisfaction assurance: Our step-by-step approach uncovers the perfect mix of tools and modalities for noticeable improvement.

Contact us today

Shoot us a text and we’ll reach out immediately to book your free 15-min phone consultation.

Text: (602) 291-7001
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Proud to serve MLB athletes during Arizona’s Cactus League Spring
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Open 24/7 During Spring Training

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